You finally found a hip-hop beat online that inspires you to write a rap… but the words aren’t flowing off the top of your mind yet. You’re stuck, how do I get these feelings from my mind to pen and paper? ๐Ÿ“ ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Virtually every modern day poet has at some point in their life rapped or sung over Hip Hop instrumentals such as Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode.” It goes without saying that these two art forms share many similarities; so answering whether rock-n-roll (or whatever type of music genre) can be seen as poetry might provide insight into how we should approach including rhythmical verses within our own songs if they’re not already there.

You may or may not have noticed the similarities between rap and poetry. A lot of people would say yes, while others think it is just music with words rhyming together to make them sound good in verse – this could go either way as there are many strong connections that link both forms together such as rhythmically using sounds at specific points throughout each song for emphasis on certain phrases or beats being played; however, you look at it though we’ve got some easy lyric writing tips if all else fails!

Be authentic

The best way to make your rap lyrics memorable is by telling stories. Whether itโ€™s a personal experience or one that someone else has gone through, people love hearing from real rappers and seeing how they are in their everyday lives! If you want them on the hook of all day then shy away from writing about things like lies because nobody wants to listen when there’s nothing believable coming out of an artist’s mouth.

Outline your song like an essay

When in doubt, use proven formula. The most common way to organize a rap is Intro, Pre-Hook, Hook and then Verse/Bridge. This format can be mixed up based on what you’re going for in your song – it’s not set in stone! You don’t have to follow these rules if that doesnโ€™t sound good or make sense but always remember: proper organization of ideas will help give structure with storytelling so keep this key point at heart when making music. But as mentioned below, you can do your own thing and unleash your creativity. Break the rules…

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Break the rules

Writing a rap is not about following rules. You can mix and match different song components differently, or do what others are doing if that’s more your style! But one thing is true: any good story needs an introduction in order to set up the expectation for listeners, some kind of hook at least once (even twice), verses with rhymes on every other line except ones where another rapper takes over – usually near bridges when they pause between bars; then there should be another outro too so everything has its time slot before concluding together as one dynamic piece rather than bunching things up randomly into meaningless phrases without transitions.

Craft the perfect hook

A strong hook will help you make the rest of your rap look good, even if it isn’t as great. A lot can be said with just one or two bars in terms of meaning and impactful phrases but a catchy melody really pushes these messages home well for listeners who may have missed something earlier on while they were distracted by other things going around them at any given time during playback (i.e., someone talking). The best hooks should also possess some element that ties back into what was mentioned before about being memorable so people donโ€™t forget where their attention needs to go when listening through all three verses from start-to-finish!


Have you ever had an idea for a rap song and then promptly forgot about it? This is because having too many thoughts, ideas or emotions can be overwhelming. So start brainstorming by picking out one topic that will stay in your head throughout – like what kind of car someone drives!

Once this subject has been chosen write all the words/emotions down on paper (you might even want some Imagination Ice Breakers if they’re available). Circle any phrases which stand out as being more creative than others; these are probably good ones worth using later on when recording so make sure not to forget them again.

Brainstorming is a technique that will help you produce more creative content. It means getting rid of any limiting beliefs or thoughts and allowing your imagination to roam free, which could result in anything at all!
Pro Tip:
Mentally write down every thought as soon it pops into mind – don’t worry if they’re not on topic just yet (you can always go back later). You may not know what words or emotions will pop up when brainstorming, but if you keep at it they might. Write everything down and circle any emotion that stands out in particular for a trend later on- this can give your song some much needed inspiration!

Practice your flow

It is important that you rehearse your lyrics thoroughly, so when performing in front of others or even just for fun at home it will flow smoothly.

The better rehearsed we are the less likely mistakes get made as well! This could result from having an easy time with remembering what came next during performance without forgetting any words and missing beats because they were not practiced enough – this really helps keep a good rap style going too according to some experts on how rappers think creatively while making their own music; all thanks goes back into understanding exactly where certain sounds should go based off rhythm patterns heard before them by ear rather than thinking consciously about every word choice.

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Final thoughts

You can improve your rap by getting in the right mindset.
A good rapper has a strong flow, rhythm, and appeal to their lyrics so you should make sure that yours also have those qualities when writing them down or rapping out loud for practice!

One of difficult things about being creative might seem like coming up with new ideas- but if this is something that stops us then we’re screwed because creativity isn’t just found on one side; there are many ways it manifests itself depending upon what works best at any given moment. So donโ€™t give up after 3 tries.

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