These are the most important tips for buying beats online in 2021.
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Are you just getting started with music, but you’re planning to take this seriously?

Or maybe, have you already been doing music, and it is starting to get more serious?

Or, have you reached that level when you need a proper license for the beats you’re using?

Tips for Buying Beats Online in 2021

We live in a digital age, the music world evolves, and buying beat online is quickly growing, bringing talented artists and producers from different parts of the world together.

Thousands of producers work hard to create their best beat, so the artists have many available options. In the digital age, they can make beats in their bedroom studio, upload on Youtube or any other online music platform to sell, and use social media for promotion so that aspiring artists can preview a track before buying it.

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Buying the right beats online can be confusing if you are not aware of the basic elements:

The process seems reasonable and simple, but it is not always honey and milk, and not always all involved players do things right. 

  • Has it ever happen to you to spend hours online checking out beats? ⏰ 😴
  • Do you know the difference between licensing options that producers offer and your user rights?

Therefore, I have compiled a few tips for buying beats online in order to support all the artists:

The beat should be available on the producer’s website

There is no doubt that YouTube is the most comfortable and commonplace for selling beats, and that’s why most artists use it to search for their music projects beats. Like “Royalty-free beats, free rap beats, trap beats, Drake type beats, and more.” 

performing music

Let’s assume you have finally found the perfect beat on YouTube, and you are inspired. The lyrics flow out of your mind effortlessly, you’re in the zone, and you spent all night writing a potential hit song. You’re excited and proud of your creation… and then this happens…

But what if that right beat from YouTube is sold and no longer available? Oops! 😬

I believe you don’t want to be disappointed. That’s why you should not rush and first visit the producer’s store instead. 

Once a producer exclusively sells a beat, it is impossible to license other artists because the exclusive contract does not allow the buyer to resell the original form of instrumental and without lyrics. 

Another important thing you should do is to always buy from trusted websites. 

How Can You Know if the Website is Reliable?

Firstly, using Google to search for the website is a quick and easy way to check its reputation. If you notice anything unusual, or bad comments showing up, it may be a sign that it is not running properly. Every serious producer should have an alive, updated website, with new beat uploaded and blog posts within everyone’s reach. It is not essential, but it is always good to send them an email and check if they will reply because some don’t bother doing this. 😎
If you have any doubts, always check if they are Paypal verified, and use Paypal when you are purchasing beat online. If a producer refused to send you a beat, you could always open up a claim. On top of the mentioned, the website should also have other third-party trust symbols, which link through to another page that explains their meaning and how the relevant website matches their criteria. (BBB Certification, Hacker Safety Certifications, Antivirus Safety Certifications). 

Professional Artists DO NOT buy MP3 Leases 

Downloading low-quality MP3 formatted tagged files is wrong!

Any audio engineer knows the obvious difference when you send your song off for mixing and mastering. Major labels and A&Rs are always searching for new talents, but even if you created the greatest Billboard charting hit, no one would bother to listen to it if the audio is bad. 

Licenses that come with tracked-out files offer the best value for your money. These tracked out files are all the separate beat files, and haven’t been limited, compressed, or mastered. This offers a great combination of cost, quality, and sustainability to meet artists’ requirements. These licenses are not cheap, and as an alternative, you can go for a WAV license instead. Before buying a beat, make sure that the sound quality is good.

Read through the License Agreement BEFORE you Buy a Beat Online

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When purchasing a beat, you are purchasing audio files that the producer copyrights, and you are repaying a license for the producer’s beat that sets the terms of its usage. Take your time to carefully read the license agreement because it is important to understand the rights, which the license grants you. License rights give the right to use a beat with a certain level of rights.

These rights vary depending on the lease level that you purchase and the price you pay. In other words, when you buy a beat online, you are buying a certain amount of commercial rights or license levels from the producer, which is usually named Exclusive, Unlimited Lease, Premium Lease, Basic Lease. 

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leasing a beat

Every Producer has Different Terms for Non-Exclusive and Exclusive Terms of Use.

You should familiarize yourself with their differences. Non-exclusive license, for one beat, can be sold to several artists. The producer may resell the beat to other artists as long as nobody bought its Exclusive license.

The good thing about this license is the lower price than the Exclusive license, and there is a bigger chance for upcoming artists to afford it.

An exclusive license is the most expensive one. Why? This gives you control over the beat. Second, after your purchase, it will be no longer available for sale. Third, it can be sold only once and to one artist only.

The artist has the Exclusive Property over the beat and unlimited use in any commercial means.

After purchase under the exclusive license, the producer must delete that beat from any online market or website.

Beat Pricing

Producer’s licenses come with different prices; the more expensive the license, the higher the quality audio files and more user-rights granted to the artists. The producer’s popularity, middleman fees, marketing costs, etc., contribute to the beat’s final price, and an average price can range from $30 to $150 for the lease and exclusive usage from $400 and more. 

My advice is first to buy a non-exclusive right to try it. Second, if the recording goes well and you like it, you should consider buying the exclusive license.

Know the Producer You are Dealing With

Purchase from online producers who value their work, and make sure you have all the paperwork reviewed before making a payment. Discuss all sale details and make sure the producer signed a copy of an agreement once the purchase is made. 

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Has it ever happened to you that a producer wants to sell you Exclusive Rights for $50 without providing the agreement and promises to send you the beat after you pay?

Like in any business, the online beat market can be shady, and there may be some untrustworthy people who are only driven by money, and it is best to stay away from them, so keep your eyes and ears open! Beware those producers who sell their beats for a too-small price.

Are they selling Exclusive Rights for $50? It’s either a sign they don’t value their work. Or perhaps they have already sold the exclusive rights to this bit many times before. Keep in mind that everything has a price.

Go for Bulk Deals

Let’s assume you have found several great beats you like from a single producer. But at the moment, you can afford to purchase only one. You want to save enough money to buy them a bit later. 

There is good news! Many producers offer Bulk Deals, and you can get 2 instead of 1 for the same price. The only thing you need to pay attention to is to see the advertisement and to add 1 more to your cart for free.

Is there is no advertisement on the website?
Send an email asking if the producer offers any deals or is willing to negotiate a bulk price. Producers are always willing to negotiate; just make an offer they can’t refuse. 

Such an approach guarantees that he will offer you an affordable deal that allows you to buy beats for a special price. 
Thanks for reading my tips for buying beats online
Buying and selling beats online has become very easy thanks to digital development. You need to know what you want and understand the process before starting searching for the beat and producers. 
Should you have any questions, write in the comment section below.

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