Any rap artist will tell you that choosing the right beat for a track is no easy task. But how do you know which rap beats will work for you and which ones will not? Being able to pick great rap beats for your song will take you very far in building a career.

Having musical experience is definitely an asset, but not everybody is on the same level of musical familiarity. This is why inexperienced rappers need all the help they can get for finding the perfect rap beat.

Continue reading to get schooled on how to choose a beat to rap to. Here are 6 tips for choosing the perfect rap beats for you.

1. What Is Your Concept and Vibe?

First off, you need to know what your concept is. What is the vibe you’re aiming for with your rap? Are you trying to convey anger, sadness, or how relaxed you are?

These are questions you need to answer. Once you have all of that in mind, you’ll be able to filter out all of the beats that won’t sync with the vibe you’re aiming for.

2. What Rap Beats Fit Your Voice?

Everybody is different with the kind of voice they project. You want the tone of your voice to match well with a beat that elevates your rap. This can be done by listening to different music and hearing what beat feels right to your individual voice.

This is called going through the catalog. By listening to different tracks, you can get a feel for what type of beats will or will not connect with you.

3. Understand Tempo And Its Importance

As you shift through songs and listen to beats, you’ll want to notice differences in tempo. Is a beat fast or slow, and how does this add to your rap? A slow tempo is about 75 beats per minute, while a fast tempo can reach as high as 140 beats per minute.

If you’re aiming for a certain emotion, going with a beat with a certain tempo will make or break your rap entirely. Listen carefully to a beat and see if it nails the right emotion.

4. Think About the Listeners

As you piece things together, you must remember other people will listen to your rap. Do you feel this is something others will enjoy listening to?

If you hear something that you wouldn’t listen to yourself, chances are other people may not either. Never settle for any rap beat if it’s not exactly what you need or vibe with.

5. Check Beat Availability

When you finally decide on what beat you want, you’ll need to see if it’s available to purchase. If it’s not, then you’ll need to continue searching for a different beat to use.

Never finish making a rap with beats you can’t purchase. There are plenty of rap beats to buy online if you find yourself unable to use one.

6. Rinse, Repeat, and Rap

Once you have all of this in mind, you need to rinse and repeat. Picking the best rap beat is a process, so take your time to find the right one. Continue to do this and you’ll eventually come across the perfect beat for your rap.

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