If it’s your first time buying beats online, here’s the right place to learn everything there is to know about buying beats from online music producers online. Hi, I’m Paul Cesar, and this is my free guide.

If you are someone who has not bought a beat or a license off the internet before, you’re probably wondering why you’d want to lease a beat, how to go about actually leasing a beat the right way, and learn how licensing a beat works.

Is this you? 🤓 “I don’t know the difference between a free beat and leasing a beat.

After reading this guide, you will understand what you need to know about leasing beats online anywhere. You will know the difference between free beats and licenses. Second, you will know how you’re legally able to use the beats. Thirdly, you will know what the different terms mean. Sound good? Great, because I’ll also be dishing out free advice and answer your questions about leasing beats. Finally, you will be ready to confidently make your first beat purchase.

first time buying beats online

If you answer “YES” to any of the following below, you’re ready to license beats:

  • Have you been doing music for a hobby, but you want to begin making money?
  • You don’t like to use watermarked beats or low-quality beats?
  • Are you getting few tractions and now you know the next step is to appropriately license the beats you’re already using or want to use?
  • Do you worry about getting sued?
  • You’re making your own music videos flossing money?

✅ If you answered, “YES”… keep reading because guess what? CONGRATS! You’re ready to take it to the next level and start leasing beats for your music. 🏆 🎶

What Are Free Beats?

FREE Beats

First, you need to learn about free beats.

Free beats have a ‘watermark’ every 30 sec or so. (free advertising for the producer)

For example, my free beats have the water mark “This is a Paul Cesar Beats production”

If you have a beat without having a license to use it, that can be classed as a free beat, too. The main advantage of free beats is that they are free! The main drawback? You are not authorized to utilize them for commercial purposes.

In other words, you cannot sell the track or get paid for it. No, you can’t sell the song any way you slice it. This goes for trying to put the song on an album, nothing.

As a result, free beats have 2 main purposes:

  1. To experiment with your song writing style.
  2. For your own entertainment purposes.

Free beats have gotten a reputation to be seen as clickbait. Really, they’re a win-win for everyone because the artist gets free music to download and play with and the producer gets free exposure with their watermark in the music. But be careful. If you have already downloaded a producer’s free beats and don’t know your limitations of what you can do with the beat, reach out and always ask the producer yourself. Many free beats get people into legal problems because they’re used inappropriately. Producers will most likely list the limitations in their music listing that you’ll see before you download any free beats.

What you can do with a free beat?

Free beats are ok but these are not for commercial or profitable purposes.

FREE doesn’t really mean what you think it does. The terms of what people “can do” with a beat labeled as FREE vary depending on the maker’s permissions and instructions for use, so always read carefully before using them!

Uploading your music to Facebook. Is the upload for commercial purposes?
Yes. Similar goes for YouTube and Soundcloud (both companies allow you to monetize your music).

Producers usually have free beats available to help you:

  • Try it out before you purchase a beat.
  • Explore their creativity/styles.
  • Record vocals and see if their vocals match the importance of the beat.
  • Record a demo and obtain feedback before buying a license for it.
  • Be sure, it will be worthy of your investment.

Sometimes producers let people upload the songs created with their free beats to social media only. It helps producers gain free exposure with their watermark in the song. With producers still in control of the watermarked music, the producers have the right to remove your song.

Tip for Beat Makers:

I also recommend that beat makers ALWAYS offer their beats for a free download so people don’t leave the page without forgetting your beats. Once they leave your page, they may never return. However, if they have download one of your free hip hop beats, they WILL remember you because you watermarked the beat.

People make songs all of time, sometimes they sit on one and never end up using or making anything out if it! This is completely normal to do at least once in a while – just like how I might spend months sitting down with my guitar before finally writing something new…

How Does Buying Beats Online Work?

When you buy a beat online, then you’re buying a license.

In other words, you are not getting the beat, you’re leasing it.

When you buy a beat, you obtain 2 items from the produces:

  1. The beat (with no vocal tags)
  2. A license that describes how to use the beat.
    In a few cases, you’ll gain the tracked-out stems of the beat. These are the ingredients of the beat (such as the drum patterns, chords, melodies, bass, synths, and so on).
    There are 2 kinds of license:
    • Non-exclusive license.
    • Exclusive license.

    The big difference between these 2 kinds of licenses is that several people can buy a license for a non-exclusive beat.

However, if you buy the exclusive rights to a beat, no one else can buy a license after you.

Different licensing options

Which One Do You Need: Non-Exclusive License or Exclusive License?

Generally, it’s suggested to first lease a beat (for example buy a non-exclusive license). Then, if the beat blows up, you can negotiate to buy the exclusive rights to the beat.

Different licensing options – Which one to get?

Online producers offer different licensing options.
I myslef offer three beat licence options:

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Unlimited

If the license is more expensive, then there will be more user-rights granted. Some producers may name them differently. They call them WAV Lease, MP3 Lease, Standard Lease, etc. It is all the same.

Here’s an example of my beat licensing:

beat licensing
My three packages

“After getting a License, Can I Upgrade it Later?”

This is not a common service, to be honest. Several producers will need you to buy another license if you go over the limitations of the license. Some will let you upgrade your license at a discounted rate. This means you can buy a Standard Lease or upgrade later if money is tight.

Upgrading your license does not extend your lease length

If you don’t have the funds to go for a more costly license, you can upgrade later. You will pay the difference between the standard costs of the licenses. If you need to know if other producers provide this service too, you will have to reach out to them yourself.

music copyright

After Leasing A Beat, Do I Have Copyright Protection?

To make it simple, I have the copyright of the original beat. The music yet belongs to me but you own the copyright to your lyrics, vocals, and the additions to the track. When you record onto a beat that you have bought from me, you have made a ‘New Song’. In legal terms, this’s known as a ‘Derivative Work’. And yes, you do have rights attached to your new derivative work, and these rights defend your work from being stolen.

After making the song, Do I own It all and completely?

When it comes down to who owns what you legally own and control 50 percent of the Writer’s Share of the new song. The producer will own and control the other 50 percent of the Share of the Writer.

You do not own 100 percent of the rights of the song, the amount that you are licensed to base on the terms of the agreement that you bought.

It may sound confusing, but basically, you own everything you added to the beat. The ownership of the beats and rights belong to the beatmaker or producer. When it comes to the song, this’s split 50/50.

What Will Happen If I buy a Non-Exclusive License, And Then Somebody bought the Exclusive License of The Same Beat?

The good news is Nothing.
You’re protected by the purchase agreement between you and the producer. Therefore, if you got the non-exclusive license, and then the next day, somebody bought the exclusive license, you have nothing to worry about. You can continue to use the beat how you like unless the end of your lease term. Remember that point from early?

Finally, the term of the lease is how long you have the right to use the beat. Like how you have to ‘renew’ your contract at the gym, with Netflix, or with your anti-virus, you will renew your lease with the producer to continue using the beat. If somebody buys the exclusive rights to a beat, you will not be capable of renewing your lease. This’s not a condition that artists or producers like to be in.

One point related to non-exclusive licenses!

Recently, some producers install a new term in their license agreement. It gives the right to the producer to end your license even before your term is due.

The producer involves an exit clause in their agreements stating they are permitted to terminate the license agreement upon written notice to you. In return, they’ll pay you double/triple of what you have primarily paid for the beat. That doesn’t have to be a trouble for you, but whether it’s, depends totally on the success of your song. Again, check your agreements before buying beats online.

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Is it safe to buy beats online?

Many producers sell their beats online using a Beat Store Provider. The common ones are:

 #1 marketplace to buy and sell beats online
Airbit online has a great collection of  beats from the word's top producers
buy beats online

All these platforms have the best reputation to represent producers and their music. The majority of online producers are signed up with either one of them. That is why many websites of producers and music players look alike. These music players have an ‘immediate delivery’ feature involved.

After you have made the payment, you’ll be redirected to a download area where you can safely download the files. You will obtain an order confirmation by email.

Are you still not sure if a producer is affiliated with one of these platforms?

Try to locate their producer names on the different platforms. If they’re on it, you can make the buy directly from the platform itself, to be safe.

If they aren’t on these platforms, reach out to the producer with any worries you have. Above all, they will respond once you tell them that you are interested in getting beats from them. However, be sure to check the site for an FAQ section, though. If you are asking questions for which the answers are right in front of you, they don’t respond.

how to buy beats from producers

Ready to make a beat purchase?
Here are some tips to buy beats online:

  • Pay with Stripe or PayPal
  • Check if the producer sells via BeatStars, Airbit. Soundee player
  • Go through the License Agreements – be 100% sure what you’re buying
  • Contact the producer if you have any concerns

Hopefully, this article has given you a better insight into buying beats online. We also have 5 more in-depth tips for buying beats online here. If you have any questions about purchasing beats online or license agreements, contact us or leave a reply below. If this guide is helpful, we will love to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading,

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