How to Build a Fanbase as a New Rap Artist?

To start your career as a rapper in the music industry can be a very challenging thing because new emerging rap artists are working in the industry every day. But if you want to make a successful career in it then you need to be unique. From leasing the best hip-hop beats to having the most unique style. You need to grab the attention of visitors and turn them in your fans. You cannot deny the importance of fans as they can make or break you.  That is why you have to plan how you can make more fans. In this article, you will get to know how you can build your Fanbase if you are a new rap artist. 

How to Build a Fanbase?

Being a new rap artist you need to follow the below guidelines to grab more fans.

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Introduce your brand

Every rap artist already working in the industry has a brand that distinguishes them in their fans. For this reason, you are also required to have a brand as your identity so that you can make your Fanbase. The brand should be like that you can use throughout your career. If you make an impressive brand then your fan will be there for you in any condition. 

Support other rap artists

One of the best things that you should do is to show your love for the other rappers. You can promote their work and purchase their albums. In this way, they will also show loyalty to you which increases your worth for your fans. And by doing this you will have more fans and can make a successful career in rapping. 

Stay Tuned with your fans 

All you need to promote your music is that you have to stay active with your fans. You should post some of your work once or twice a week that will engage your fans. You can have some live video streaming so that your fans can directly interact with you. And one thing of great importance that people are interested in you more than your work. So try sharing some life events with your fans. 

Use YouTube for Promoting your Music

If you want to make your Fanbase then you have to upload your rap music video on YouTube. This is because every great artist showed their work on YouTube. Try making the videos that make you unique. But you have to make high-quality videos with the right resolution so that they can work for your success. 

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Consider Your Fans as Your Friends

You should treat your fans as your friends because they are those who can help you in the growth of your career. You can share your work routine and tell them about your next project. In this way, they will give you more value. And also announce your top fans, give them a badge of “top fan” or make them your brand ambassadors. 

Wrapping up:

By following the said steps one day you will surely get the fruit of your efforts. But to get the success you need to be your salesman every time because it’s only you who can think about your career. So don’t be shy to do it all by yourself. BTW, thanks for reading my blog! My name’s Paul and I create hip-hop beats to styled Drake type beats. Let me know what you think!