How to Give Credit to Your Producer Properly

The credits should be given to beatmakers necessarily without making a difference in purchased and leased beats. As a hip-hop beatmaker here in San Diego, California – this hit home.

This issue is that there are plenty of beatmakers that give beats on lease or purchase but did not get any credit from the artists. It is of course a bad thing that the artist did not mention the producers. This is because as the song is important for you, it matters for the producer as well. In this article, you will get to know that how you can properly give credit to your producer on the safe side when releasing a song or album.

Here are different examples are presented for you to give credit to your producer on different platforms. You can give credit according to the platform which you are going to choose for releasing your song. So let’s get started. 

Publishing on YouTube:

If you are using the beats of a producer for publishing a song as background music on YouTube then you can give credit to your producer in two ways:

  • Credit with text: you can give credit to your producer by adding text to your song. You can give text credit in the following manner:
  1. In the title of your video add ( produced by ) or you can also add (prod. by ….beats) 
  2. It is also right to say (produced by ….beats) and then you can add the website in detail. 
  • Credit without text:  if you do not want to use text for crediting your producer then you can also use the logo of the website of the producer. You can download that logo and can add it at the start of your video by adding the title “produced by”. 

The above method is to for giving credit for background music beats on YouTube and other streaming websites.

Publishing on Physical Medium:

If you do not publish your song on any of the online platforms but using physical media for publication then you are also required to give credit to your producer. You can do it in the following manner:

  • If you are publishing a single song then credit as adding (prod. by beat-name) on any of the places where you have given details of your song on the cover page. And behind the song title add (prod. by beat-name) 
  • If the publication is of a complete album then credit your producer by adding (prod. by “beat-name”) on the artwork cover of the song and also credit it by writing this behind song titles. 
  • If you have credited a separate section for crediting then be sure to credit the producer in this section by adding (prod. by beat-name) behind each track of the tracklist section. Also, add the website address of the producer of your beats.

Publishing of songs on digital download sites:

When you have chosen to release your song on digital download sites like CDBaby, Amazon Music, or Itunes then you can give credit to your producer by adding (prod. by beats-name) behind the song title.

Final verdict:

If you are publishing a song but not giving a credit to your producer it will leave a bad impact. The producers deserve the appreciation as you want to get the value after the song’s release.  No matter what platforms you are using to publish your song. Just make sure to credit your producer. It will not go to affect your fame as an artist.