Instagram for Musicians: How to make it Big on Instagram

The musicians are using multiple resources for the promotion of their projects. But they are always in a need to use the resources which can give more fame to them. There are very costly as well as some inexpensive resources available. If you are at beginning of your career and won’t have enough resources to promote your projects then this article will be very useful for you. Instagram is very inexpensive in which you can easily show your work and make it a big thing. Instagram is not only for beginners, the musicians of any level can use it to make small bands big. 

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How to make musician big on Instagram:

Your background does not matter but if you have decided to use Instagram for your music then you need to follow the below steps to make your work big:

Every post should relate to your band:

If you are a rapper then you need to post accordingly. The ones who got fame on Instagram remain stuck to the subject of their band. So if you want that your music gets more fans then make sure that whatever you post on Instagram should relate to your band. 

instagram for music artists

Impressive Bio

If you want to have a great number of fans and visitors to your account then you need to take some steps to make your account a center of attention. You need to build a good bio for this purpose. The bio should be short but it must have the power to influence the visitors. You can write in whatever manner you consider that it will get more fans for your band. In this way, more people will come to your Instagram ground as they are curious about knowing you and your band.

Showy Handle

The name of your brand should also be a grabber of attention. Because before bio some users focus on the name you give to your account. It should be in a way so that they speak about your band like you can add “music band” or “official” on your account name. You can also add some notable handles even without including your name. 

Don’t post too much in a hurry

If you make 2 or 3 important posts at one time, it can lead to fewer followers. This is because not everyone will see all your posts. Try to post at a different time like in the morning, evening, or night. In this way, you can grab more fans. 

Make your fans brand ambassadors

You should create some ways to engage your fans. You can post some pictures with lighting that shows your band’s activity. You can ask some questions and also create a pool. And in this way you will find the most active fans then you can make them your brand ambassadors. These fans can share your music on their social media account and thus you will get success. 

Live Video Streaming and Hashtag Game

No doubt, Instagram is made for pictures but it is an old thing. Nowadays the brands are promoted using live video streaming. You should make a live concert so that your fans can come to it and interact with you directly. Unique keywords on social media can also be interesting and get more fans for your page. 

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Wrapping up:

By the above-mentioned steps now you now have now an idea of how you can do your music big on Instagram! Thanks for reading my blog. My name’s Paul BTW and I’m a hip-hop beat producer living in San Diego, California. Feel free to 👂 listen to my 🎵 hip-hop beats here.