If you want to use commercial music in a video you’re creating, or as part of an event, you need to acquire a license first. Depending on how you plan to use the song and how many people will hear it, music licensing might cost thousands of dollars or more. But there is another option – royalty free music. 

Read on and learn all about royalty free beats and where to get them.

What Does Royalty Free Mean?

When commercial artists record a song, they are entitled to payments every time the song is used. These payments are called royalties. Royalty free means a song or track is permissible for use without having to pay those royalty fees.

This doesn’t mean the music itself is free. Depending on the site or service you acquire the track from, you may still have to pay a one-time use fee or an annual subscription. But these costs are typically much lower than traditional licensing with royalty payments.

What Are Royalty Free Beats? 

Beats are a collection of drum beats, bass lines, and synth pads organized as a form of music. They are typically less complex than a complete song but more complex than a loop. They are ideal for background music in video production or as the basis for additional compositions.

Artists provide royalty free beats free or at a cost without adding royalty payments or additional licensing from a third party. When you purchase royalty free beats, a licensing agreement stipulates how you can use the file and what rights are reserved by the creator. There are many great artists who create royalty free music, so you can find any genre or style you need.

How to Get Royalty Free Beats

If you are a video creator, musician, or other media artist looking for great tracks, you might be wondering where to get royalty free beats. Paul Cesar Beats offers a wide selection of the hottest royalty free beats available. You can license tracks for as little as $10.00, and there are additional usage licenses available, depending on how you plan to use the track.

We also offer free rap beats. These beats feature more rhythmic elements and less melodic sequences. They use kick sounds and rolling bass for an energetic sound. 

Why Use Royalty Free Beats?

The cost of licensing a commercial song can be prohibitive. Commercial pieces can also be distracting when used in a promotional or marketing video. Royalty free tracks make a great music bed for your creative work.

Let’s Create Something Amazing

Whether you are a marketing professional, influencer, or music artist, licensed music is a must-have. You can save a significant amount of money by using royalty free beats. Royalty free music is licensed and covered by copyright, but it doesn’t require the additional and expensive royalty payments associated with commercial popular music. 

To learn more about ways to use royalty free beats and create something unique with your next production, check out our blog.