Top Sites to Find Music for Your Next Project

The top sites to find music for your next project is listed here. It can be a real challenge to find music for your new project. If you have passed this step successfully, then surely you will enhance your performance and quality of your project more quickly than other artists. But if you do not get the right music for your video, then it can destroy all your hard work. So, you need to be very careful when you are choosing music for your project. 

In this article, you will get to know about the top sites that will help you to find the best music for your next project. If you are interested in knowing, then keep reading this article. 

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Top websites to find music:

In this section, you will read about the top sites that the producers are using more frequently to sell their beats. The producers are selling their beats on the following sites mostly:

  1. YouTube
  2. Soundcloud
  3. Google
  4. Soundclick
  5. BeatStars


YouTube has become an outstanding platform for producers and each producer tries to get a page for his channel on YouTube. It is because YouTube is the most easily and widely accessible platform for searching music. YouTube has a great number of visitors and it is being updated on daily basis. If you know the correct keywords, then YouTube can take you to the required findings. It will also recommend you to the sites, which you have visited before because it gives your interests a priority. Not only this if you have selected “not interested” for a beat, then it keeps the related beats away from you. Hence, you can easily get access to your required results. 

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If you want to find music for your video on Google, then you must use some specific keywords for searching like “hip hop beats” or “R&B beats”. You can also search for the music by using the year it was released.



Soundcloud is the biggest platform for unsigned artists. However, it is not that popular as YouTube because it does not provide the option to filter and select the required music. Hence, a lot of effort is required to reach the required result. It can be said that Soundcloud even being a top site, does not provide you the recommendations like YouTube. 


Every new producer starts from this platform, but it has not been updated for the past 2 decades. However, it still has a good name, and producers use it to advertise their beats from where artists can easily get access to them. 

listen to music


This site has features like Soundclick, but it is far better than it. You can search by typing the keywords and it will be very easy to find music for your new project. 

Some other sites are getting popular as more music is released each coming day. The sites are having a great number of visitors, but these are still in their beginning. So probably they will be top-rated soon.

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