Trap music is one of the biggest genres in the world today. And lots of producers are looking to get into the trap beats game.

You might be looking into creating your own trap beats, or buying some from an established producer.

But not all trap beats are created equal, and you don’t want generic beats on your project. Luckily, we’ve put together a handy guide to creating or buying beats for trap music.

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What Is Trap Music?

Trap originated in southern US hip-hop scenes in the mid-2000s. It is characterized by tight snare hits, booming kicks and bass, and a relentless hi-hat pattern.

Some of the pioneers of the genre include Three6 Mafia, Future, Gucci Mane, and 2 Chainz. 

Over the years, trap-inspired beats have wormed their way into top 40 charts, club music, and even bedroom lo-fi jams. 

How Is a Trap Beat Made? 

The key ingredients of a trap beat lie in the sound of the drums. The 808 drum machine has been a staple of hip-hop music for decades and provides a lot of the base sounds.

If you don’t own a physical 808, many DAWs and workstations offer 808 samples. 

The hi-hat pattern is arguably the most important and distinguishing feature of a trap song. These are generally pretty dense with lots of sub-rhythms, instead of playing straight quarter or 8th notes. 

Experimenting with your hi-hat pattern is key to producing a fire trap beat.

The next step is to synthesize your kick. This usually entails side-chaining a kick to your 808 base. This will give the kick definition, but also make it sound huge on the bottom end in your mix. 

Snare sounds are largely left up to personal taste but in trap music, they are pretty dry and highly compressed. 

After getting your beat down, it’s time for the special sauce. Looping sampled melodies is a common trap beat practice. You can also compose your own melodies with synths and samplers.

Add some saturation/distortion to your drum beats for a little extra grime, or sprinkle some delay or reverb on your tracks to give it some ambiance and vibes. 

Buy Trap Beats

If you are a hip-hop artist who wants beats to rap over, you can also purchase trap beats online.

These beats are made by professional producers who are given credit on your tracks. By purchasing beats directly from these producers, you also obtain the rights to use them in your songs.

If you are producing a full song for release, make sure you also mix your vocals properly or pay for a professional audio engineer to polish your track.

Get Your Own Trap Beats

While making your own trap beats can be a very fulfilling and rewarding process, sometimes you just want to put something to your words.

Buying trap beats online is a quick and painless way to get licensed backing tracks for your original songs. 

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