What Happens If the Song I Made With a Leased Beat Blows Up? + More beneficial FAQ you can use!

When one of your songs blows up, it’s easily one of the best moments you can experience as an artist.

You feel amazing, you feel validated, and you feel like what you’re doing is worthwhile. It can be a hustle to get to that point! However, I promise in the end, it will be worth all the sweat and tears. 

What is a leased beat?

Leasing beats is exactly what it sounds like; it’s when you pay a producer to use their beat for a limited amount of time. The producer can lease that same beat to other people as many times as they like.

It’s a very simple agreement, but what happens when you lease a beat and the song you made blows up? 

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That’s one of the most common questions people ask me about leased beats, and it’s not the only one.

What Happens If the Song I Made With a Leased Beat Blows Up?

Here are the other three: 

  • If another artist leased the beat, what happens to them?
  • If the exclusive rights of the beat I used for my song are sold, what happens? 
  • What if another artist owns the exclusive rights of the beat I used?

Worst case scenario. Because it means another artist has exclusive rights to the beat you used for your song. It’s unlikely for this to happen if you take care of business from the start. For the sake of education, we will still explore this scenario today. 

I will address all the questions I just presented above. In efforts, so you can have a greater understanding. Second, it may resolve some of the main concerns you may have about leasing beats. You’ll see things are not complicated at all and there’s no big risk involved. Even so, it’s important that you inform yourself as much as possible so you can make the right moves. 

the Song I Made With a Leased Beat Blows Up

1. What Happens If the Song I Made With a Leased Beat Blows Up?

Let’s tackle the biggest question first. If you decide to lease a beat with me, it’s very unlikely that you’ll have any issues if the song you created blows up. Why? Because I follow up with everyone who’s made a purchase. More importantly, I want you to know I have an interest in what music artists create with my beats.

Yes – I Care About YOUR Success

song blows up

Every morning I take the time to e-mail my clients and keep in touch. I love to hear about what they’ve created if they’re open to sharing it with me. It really makes my day when I hear you creating music with my beats.

Sometimes I cannot believe how INSANELY well you use the beats.

I feel deeply honored to be a part of YOUR music creation.

– Paul Cesar Beats

Not only do I do it because I’m passionate about music. I also do it to assess the potential of the song.

Whenever something catches my ear, I keep track of it to keep an eye on the progress of the song.

song is going to BLOW UP

If I predict that the song is going to BLOW UP, we’ll start negotiations in a way that’s beneficial to both of us. 

However, this is something I do, but I can’t say the same for all online producers out there. Not everyone follows up. If that’s the case for you, then don’t hesitate to inform them of the situation. Let them know what’s going on. Send them the song so they can listen to it and keep them updated about everything concerning the song’s release.

So, when your song blows up and you used a leased beat in it, the next step is simply to purchase the exclusive rights of the beat.

That means you need to strike a deal with your producer. You need the exclusive rights of the beat so you can exploit your song freely.

First, if you don’t get exclusive rights, you will be limited by user rights. Second, you won’t be able to exploit your art as you see fit. Contact your producer quickly and make them a good offer; there shouldn’t be a problem!

What Happens to Artists Who Also Leased the Beat

2. What Happens to Artists Who Also Leased the Beat?

Now it’s time to answer the second most common question and this one is easy and short: nothing happens. If other artists leased the same beat you used for your hit song; they will still have their licenses until they reach the sales limit that’s been agreed upon or until their contract is over.

The good news is that licenses that are non-exclusive are valid only for a few years they provide limited user rights.

Exclusive Rights of the Beat I Used for my Song Are Sold

3. What if the Exclusive Rights of the Beat I Used for my Song Are Sold? 

Next, we have the third question of the day. If the producer who leased you the beat sells the exclusive rights before you can get to it, there’s no need to worry.

When an exclusive sale is made of a previously non-exclusive license, you won’t be affected at all. The buyer knows perfectly well that the beat they’re purchasing was leased to other artists before. 

This is something that’s included in the terms of the exclusive license contract and buyers have to agree to it before making the purchase. The Notice of Outstanding Clients is the term that keeps the buyer from sticking to non-exclusive licenses.

If you’re living this scenario right now, there’s no need to stress about it. You’re already aware of the potential of your song and you knew it when you bought the license. The license agreement comes with terms and it grants you certain rights. This is what determines the things you can do and the things you have to avoid. 

Now, be smart and read your license agreement carefully so you’re aware of everything and make sure you understand user rights. If you exhaust the user rights, well, that brings us to the last question. 

when your song blows up

4. What if Another Artist Owns the Exclusive Rights of the Beat I Used?

Last but not least, we have the final question of the day. I won’t even try to sugarcoat this situation for you. This is the worst possible scenario and if I found myself in this situation, I would want to crawl into a ball and forget all about it. 

This is not something that would likely happen to me. Why Because I care about following up and keeping an eye on my clients. Also, I don’t sell exclusive rights to anyone who offers me money. I make my decisions based on the artist’s potential. I’ve never been in this situation myself, but I’ve seen other producers go through it. 

Exclusive Rights of the Beat I Use

Here’s a few pointers on what you can do to avoid this situation as best as possible. Here’s what you can do: 

  • Buy the exclusive rights first! Reach out to the producer and make a good offer
  • Broke? You can purchase the lease so you can get the attention of the producer. 
  • Build a relationship with the producer; reach out, update them, and show them the potential of your work. 
  • Ask the producer if it’s possible for them to hold onto the rights. You need to offer them something, though, don’t just ask for credit. 

If you follow these steps, you can avoid a difficult situation that’s stressful and a challenge to resolve.

✅ Exhaust every possible option to ensure you’re the one who purchases the exclusive rights of the beat.

Do this and you’ll be fine. 

Final Words

You need to decide whether it’s more beneficial for you to lease the beats or to purchase the exclusive rights. 90% of the time – Artists benefit a lot more from leasing beats, but that’s something you need to determine on your own. Consider the pros and cons so you can reach the best conclusion. 

best advice

The best advice I can give you today is this:

Be smart with your decisions and take the time to re-evaluate your recent releases.

I know you have a dream and you have big ambitions for your art. However, don’t be blinded by that. It’s easy to spend too much money on the wrong things when excitement gets in the way of reason. So take my advice and be very smart about your investments. 

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As an artist, it’s also essential that you never stop developing your craft and your skills.

Create music regularly and do it as much as you can.

I also recommend you read these additional tips for buying beats online.

This helps you build a community and a following around it. Fans are important and you need to get your music out there. Thankfully, that has become easier to accomplish thanks to the Internet and social media. Make sure you use them to your advantage!

Any of your releases can blow up at any moment!

When that time is near, you’ll definitely be able to feel it. And when you do, it’s important you prepare and think about your next moves carefully. This will allow you to protect your music and enjoy the momentum a lot more. 

Thanks for reading, I hope I answered your question: “What Happens If the Song I Made With a Leased Beat Blows Up?”
Your preferred beat maker,
– Paul Cesar Beats