Why You Should Lease Beats Instead of Buying Exclusive Rights

The current beat buying trend?
Artists prefer to lease beats more than purchasing the exclusive rights. Leasing beats means that the artists borrow the beats from the beat producer for a specific period and can use these beats only in that period. The ownership rights are kept by the producer. The artists can use this beat in their recordings and can distribute it but cannot make changes in it. The producer takes the price of the beats for leasing it to the artists. 

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New to Buying Beats Online?

If you are new to buying the beats, then there must be questions in your mind. Some people must try to make you agree that you should buy the exclusive rights, and some have even convinced you to only lease the beats. 

In this article, you will get to know that why the beats should be taken on lease and the exclusive rights should not be bought. You may be considering beats license a good choice, but it may not prove beneficial in some situations. So, you need to know when you do not need to buy an exclusive license. Let us move into it.  

Why You Should Lease Beats Instead of Buying Exclusive Rights

Why You Should Lease Beats Instead of Buying Exclusive Rights

When Not to Buy Exclusive Rights?

Many of the artists do not understand their self-interests and buy exclusive rights. However, they do not need them. This is the big mistake that most artists make. It cannot be denied that every artist is unique, but some common mistakes do happen like when they need to decide whether to buy the license or lease the beats.

If you belong to any one point of the following then there is no need for you to buy the beats, you should lease it for the required period. 

  1. If you are an artist who has just a 10k fan following on all social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. (follow me 😊 )
  2. If your YouTube channel has less than one thousand views, then you should prefer not to buy a license.
  3. Don’t have a promotional album that has been released since now? – Do not buy exclusive rights
  4. ESPECIALLY if you’re not aware of the difference between an exclusive and non-exclusive license for beats, then do not go for exclusive rights. 
Your Popularity Level Being an Artist

Your Popularity Level Being an Artist:

From the following questions, you can check how big an artist you are? This is because every aspect matter when you want to know the benefits of leasing beats instead of purchasing a license. 

  1. Ever perform a local show with 100+ people?
  2. Released an album that has 500 listeners online?
  3. Have you ever been featured by a minimum of three blogs of music by whom you do not know?
  4. Have you hired a manager or lawyer that is guiding you to make your career bright?

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The above questions are not for degrading or discouraging you. Rather, they are for you to check the position where you are now and at the current place you should buy the license or not. This is not an embarrassing thing if the answer to the above questions is “no” because there are far more benefits of leasing beats instead of buying exclusive rights.

Benefits of Leasing Beats but Not Buying Rights

Benefits of Leasing Beats but Not Buying Rights:

When talking about purchasing the exclusive right, then there must be a handsome amount needed. But when it comes to leasing the beats you can lease it only in few dollars. You can get more profit in leasing beats rather than purchasing a license. For example,

If you buy a license of the beat for $700 and 400 downloads are for $1 each then:

400 * $1 = $400 – $700 = -$300

It means that in this case you will have a loss of $300 and that is except the costs of the studio and recordings etc.

On the other hand, if you lease beats that allows you to sell 6000 copies of your song for just $40 and suppose you have shared your songs in different groups and 400 viewers wanted to buy them and you sell them for $1 per download then:

400 * $1 = $400 – $40 = $360

It means that you will get a profit of $360, which is indeed a handsome amount. You can also deduct the expenses from it, but the profit does not convert into a loss. 

Let us suppose you have spent $70 spends on making the song and as you know you have $360 profit, then:

$360 – $70 = $290

It means you still have a profit of $290. So, you can prefer leasing beats to not buying a license. You can spend this money on more beats and can release more songs. 

Let’s Just Say…You’re Not Popular Yet

If you are a beginner in the music field so you need to increase your fan following and release music regularly to make yourself interactive with your fans. You can do it by leasing the beats instead of buying them because your fans do not care about this that you have exclusive rights or not. Many of them even do not know about this terminology. So, no need to panic just lease the beats because it is beneficial. 

The above-discussed benefit is for a limited license like said that you can only sell 6000 copies of your song. But there are some other options of leasing in which the producer allows you to sell unlimited copies of your song. The following are the benefits of buying beats on the lease and exhibiting that it can be the best substitute for buying exclusive rights.

rights of buying beats

Boundless Rights:

As told earlier, in some situations the producers do not restrict the artists to sell limited copies of the song. If you think, that when you can afford exclusive rights, then why should you need to go for leasing it. It is still advised and recommended that you should take the required beats on lease just because it has a low price, and you can get more profit by paying this small amount. The profits will be more than the lease where you have limited rights. This license is like the exclusive license but, it is different from the exclusive license and it is still non-exclusive. It is different from exclusivity in the following ways:

  • In this, the producer owns to sell to another artist also. Just because you are not the only one means many artists can take these beats online on lease at one time. So, it is still non-exclusive.
  • It is valid for few years after that you will be required to buy a new license. 
  • Publication rights are also different in these unlimited rights. 

One most important thing that you should keep in your mind is that every producer has his terms and conditions so make sure to read the agreement completely. In this way, you can buy exclusive beats in a non-exclusive manner. 

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Traditional Beats:

The license you are going to purchase does not mean that any other artist did not use it before you. So, it is always a delusion of the artists that exclusive means that this beat is not used before them and are they are the only ones who have used it in their recordings. But it is not true because every online exclusive beat is used already. 

So why spend money on taking exclusive rights when there is no difference in leasing and buying beats online. Because in both the beats are used before you take it. It can be said that in leasing you can take the beat online with a small amount rather than spending a high amount on purchasing the exclusive beats. 

Hope so that from the above discussion you will have an idea that what should you do as the leasing beats can also go right and gives you more benefits or approximately the same benefits as the purchased rights. In the end, you should also have information that which artist can buy the exclusive beats so that you can make a difference. 

Who Should Buy Exclusive Beats?

The artists having the following characteristics are advised to buy exclusive beats. If you do not fall in the following, then you should go for buying beats on lease. You should buy exclusive rights of a beat online in the following conditions:

  • You have a large social platform means you have a 100k+ fan following on all the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
  • On the threshold of BLOWING UP, then you need to have an exclusive beat.
  • Signed for major brands, then it is necessary to preserve the exclusive rights. 
  • If you are having a publishing deal with your collection, then the rights must be exclusive to you. 
  • Making yourself ready for investing in market plans so you should have the purchased beats.
  • If you are trying to invest in a music video production of more than $5k then it is strongly recommended to have exclusive beats. 

Until next time!:

By the end of the article, it can be said that there are both choices whether to lease a beat or buy exclusive rights. You can choose according to your current position because both scenarios are going to suit you sooner or later.

Your favorite music producer, 😎 🎤

-Paul Cesar Beats