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  • Mp3 File
  • Wav File
  • 2000 Distribution Copies
  • Unlimited Free Downloads
  • 2000 Non Profit Performances
  • 200 Paid Performances
  • 1 Music Video
  • 50000 Audio Streams
  • 50000 Video Streams
  • 1 Radio Stations


  • Mp3 File
  • Wav File
  • 10000 Distribution Copies
  • Unlimited Free Downloads
  • 3000 non Profit Performances
  • 300 Paid Performances
  • 1 Music Video
  • 500000 Audio Streams
  • 500000 Video Streams
  • 2 Radio Stations


  • MP3 File
  • Wav File
  • Unlimited Distribution Copies
  • Unlimited Free Downloads
  • 4000 Non Profit Performance
  • 400 Paid Performances
  • Unlimited Music Videos
  • Unlimited Audio Streams
  • Unlimited Video Streams
  • Unlimited Radio Stations

The Hip-Hop Beats You’ve been looking to Buy! is your #1 source for buying hip hop beats online. I sell a collection of various types of beats here online to music artists worldwide. 

And yes, I produce all the beats myself you’ll listen to right here at Living in San Diego, California As a professional beat maker for the past twenty years, I am humbled to live in a great city with a diverse blend of people, the hip hop beats I create can simply be inspired by a Friday night out in the city. I also offer various types of beat licensing options. 

Whether you’re new to buying beats, or a seasoned artist such as Drake himself, I can accommodate your music needs. If you’re currently browsing and looking to buy beats online from a reputable music library, is your one-stop beat store for all your needs. I’m always available to answer your questions about purchasing one of my beats online.


Creating New Hip-Hop Beats is My Passion

When I’m not in the studio producing new beats, I’m sharing my music expertise and I will write helpful tips for new music artists to the professional recording artist here online. 

My life is dedicated to my life’s passion which is creating hip-hop beats for all artists. Music is the sound of the soul, heart, and mind. That being said, I’m always extremely honored to be a part of your music. No matter if you’re creating you’re just having fun downloading free hip hop beats to experiment with your friends, using my beats for recording your first demo tape, adding to your album, or you’re creating music that blows up.

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I make it EASY for you to Lease My Beats

You can always reach out to me if you have any questions about how to purchase one of my hip-hop beats!

I love it when I hear my hip-hop beats being used in your music. Sure, there’s many places to buy hip-hop beats online, in fact, there’s now thousands of place to lease a beat online. Competition is growing. 

With so many new inexperienced beat makers online, it’s easy to make a mistake when leasing a beat or knowing how to properly use free beats online. 

Don’t get into a legal dispute! Don’t get sued! This is why it’s important to protect yourself from buying beats online from reputable beat merchants such as myself, Paul Cesar Beats.  


My pricing for beats is clearly labeled from:

  • Basic – $10,
  • Premium – $25,
  • Unlimited – $50,
  • and Exclusive rights for an offer made by yourself.

During your beat purchase, you will have a full understanding of the beat license terms and it’s available to print for future reference. If you ever have any hesitations or questions, please contact me, Paul Cesar Beats!

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